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Welcome to GraphQL Editor Docs, your go-to resource for all things GraphQL. Whether you're new to GraphQL or an experienced developer, we've got you covered.

From schema design and documentation to code generation and deployment, we've got everything you need to build robust and scalable GraphQL APIs.

GraphQL Editor consists of these 3 core components: Visual Graph, API Console, Mock API

Visual Graph

Visual graph view

The Visual Graph is the main area of GraphQL Editor. It allows to traverse even huge schemas and find the answers. It improves onboarding to the schema by hundreds of percents. Take a look at the detailed documentation of Graph.

API Console

API Console

The API Console is a web-based interface for executing GraphQL queries and mutations against a GraphQL API. It is not full featured like other API consoles like Postman, but helps to keep the queries together with GraphQL schema. It also allows to save snapshots of correct responses which can help you with GraphQL testing.

Mock API

Mock API with AI

The Mock API is a tool that allows users to quickly create a GraphQL API for testing and development purposes. With mock API you can easily define and deploy it with faker.js or AI definitions. Every schema you edit inside has it.

You can watch our Product Tour here:

Product Tour Video

We hope you find the GraphQL Editor Docs useful and welcome any feedback you may have.