Docs - ERD Graph View | GraphQL playground

Navigating a big GraphQL Schema with only code is nearly impossible. Use our diagram view instead, and see how to browse it in an easy and transparent way.

Example ERD relation view exported to .png


Navigate through this view, click to center on a node and see all its relations displayed.

Search & Order

Searching and reordering is available inside the top bar:

After searching you will get only the nodes from the search. Reordering is used to switch the order of Type Definitions like type scalar interface enum input or union.

Node options

Additional options are available after selecting a node:


Display/hide parent relations: show where this node is used. Turn off to only display children relations.


Display/hide base scalar fields including String, Int, Float, ID and Boolean.


Expand/hide all enums. Enums can be tricky as the localization enum can consist of hundreds of values.

Deselect node

Deselect the active node

Focus node

Centers the view on the selected node.

Export to PNG

Exports current relation nodes to a png file.