Creating a project | GraphQL queries & variables

Create a project

To create a project, click the empty tile inside your Workspace projects list. It will open a popup with options you can use for your new GraphQL project.

Connect to GitHub

The project can be connected to your GitHub repo from the very beginning. It will allow you to commit changes to the schema and create Pull Requests from GraphQL Editor.

Import from URL

GraphQL schema can be downloaded via introspection from your GraphQL Endpoint. Simply enter the URL and credentials, don't worry about CORS as the editor handles it via the backend Proxy.

Connecting to GitHub and importing from URL can also be done at any point later in the project.

I want to use

In this section, you can attach directive sets to your project. Each of the technologies listed there works only if the library is attached. Adding custom libraries is also supported.

After selecting all the options click Create Project.