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Create GraphQL schema using easily understandable click out blocks.


Easily navigate and showcase even the largest schema.


Take advantage of autogenerated docs with full markdown support.


Use diff view and versioning to easily track, sort and highlight changes to your schema.

The structure

Feature-rich GraphQL IDE


Packed with features

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Visual Editor

Use our simple and transparent visual interface. Build your schema using click-out blocks and forms. Use the no-code GraphQL IDE of the future instead of manually writing thousands of lines of code.

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Relation View

Visualize relations between GraphQL types, interfaces, scalars, enums, unions, inputs and extends. Easily onboard new team members into your project and show your schema vision to your client. Control what types and fields you want to show off.

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Auto-generated Docs

GraphQL Editor automatically generates basic documentation for your schema. You can then easily edit it and fill in the gaps with full markdown support for extra style points.

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Mock Backend

Don’t wait for your backend team. Use our self-deployed cloud backend, instantly ready to help you with your project. Customize responses yourself or use the help of FakerJS.

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Microservices FaaS

Deploy backend code to our shared worker infrastructure. Use our built-in no-code resolver integrations or write custom resolvers yourself in our Monaco Editor based Code Editor.

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Use our built-in test builder to create and run GraphQL & snapshot E2E tests. Everything in simple click-out form with no coding required.

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Use built-in integrations to add popular public libraries to your project or take advantage of our REST proxy to easily connect your REST API to our GraphQL IDE.

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