GraphQL Editor Features

The GraphQL Editor was designed to be a supportive tool for both advanced GraphQL users as well as those making their first steps with GraphQL APIs.

Learn GraphQL Faster!
We strongly believed that visualization makes understanding, learning & remembering GraphQL fundamentals a lot easier. Want to learn GraphQL? The GraphQL Editor is a great tool to start with.

Onboarding Tutorial

Our aim was to create a tool easy to pick up for developers as well as no-code people like project managers. The onboarding tutorial provided inside our editor will help you understand the basic elements for GraphQL SDL as well as its fundamentals.

Visual Interface

Visualization is the key to understanding things faster. The main feature of our editor is providing the visual representation for GraphQL schema which we believe makes building, understanding & managing a project schema faster.

Built-in Fake Backend

This awesome feature of our editor allows you to the created mock backend for your project before the real one is delivered by your backend team. All you need is a valid GraphQL schema & you can start working on your frontend.

Deploying mock backend

The GraphQL Editor makes deploying test-ready mock backend a one-click activity.

Make notes while building the schema

The comments system allow you to make notes for other users while working on your schema. This makes collaboration a lot easier as well as can be used to build the documentation later on.

Map Of The System

The GraphQL Editor is a great tool when it comes to managing and navigating through the huge enterprise schemas. This can save a lot of time and effort.