Self-deployed GraphQL backend

A perfect backend for frontend solution for GraphQL.

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Cloud GraphQL backend

Instantly available for every project.

01Out of the Box

Don't wait for your backend team to set up. Start using our self-deployed, cloud GraphQL backend instantly.

backend for frontend

02Customize the data

You can configure what gets returned by the mock GraphQL backend by simply adding an array of custom data, so that you can operate on more fitting and realistic values.

customized data


You don't have to add the data yourself, just select what best fits your query from our integrated FakersJS library, which provides everything from BitCoin addresses to pictures of food.


04Endpoint Switcher

Send requests to any endpoint you want by simply selecting it from the drop down Endpoint Switcher menu at the top.

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Feature video tutorial

Learn how to use the self-deployed cloud backend inside GraphQL Editor.

How to use mock backend  | GraphQL Editor Tutorial

Instant cloud GraphQL backend

Quite often you might have a schema ready and want your team to start working on it right away, but you might have to wait for the backend team to set up DevOps and other things. With GraphQL Editor you can have a self-deployed cloud GraphQL backend instantly available for use. Both frontend and backend teams can begin working at the same time without waiting for anything. Additionally, frontend developers can instantly work on real data using appropriate mock data from FakerJS which can be easily customized to fit the needs of the project. You’re not limited to using our mock GraphQL backend either, just use the endpoint switcher and select your own.

Mock GraphQL backend for frontend

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