ERD diagram like Relation View

Everything in your schema displayed in a easy to navigate ERD diagram view.

01Visualize everything

See the relations between every type, enum and scalar in your schema on a ERD diagram view. Understanding complex GraphQL projects has never been easier.

ERD diagram view

02Easy onboarding

Bring new team members up to speed by simply showing them how everything is connected. Navigate one transparent view instead of sifting through thousands of lines of code.

easy onboarding

03Simple navigation

Select or deselect parents, scalars and enums. Toggle code and select a node to pan to it both in the relation view and the schema code, deselect it to return to the visual breakdown of your schema.

simple navigation

04Export to PNG

Show off your project without even needing to access GraphQL Editor, simply export your relation view to a .png file and you can share it with anyone.

export to png
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Feature video tutorial

Learn how you can easily visualize and navigate even the largest schema inside GraphQL Editor and see the relations between every type, enum and scalar in it.

Relation View breakdown | GraphQL Editor Tutorial

ERD diagram tool

Visualize and easily navigate thousands of lines of code. Onboarding new team members is as simple as showing them around the schema in the relation view and letting them click around themselves to see how everything is connected. With the various filtering and search options it's easy to get around even the most complex GraphQL schemas. Relation View can also be used to show off your project and app logic to clients, in a way that’s clear and easy to understand. On top of that the built-in export to .png option enables sharing your ERD diagrams any way you like.

ERD diagram-like view

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