Visual Schema Creator

Combine GraphQL with block programming. Designing a schema has never been this easy.

01Powerful and easy to use schema creator

Building a schema has never been easier: use our simple click-out tools to design your schema faster than ever. Collaborate with your whole team in a visual environment.

Graphql Schema generator

02The best GraphQL query and mutation explorer

Easily navigate even the largest schema by using our visual tree. Simply click a type, input, directive, scalar or enum and the creator view will direct you to it in the code.

GraphQL Queries and Mutations

03Fast and efficient

Working with visual click-out blocks and forms is simply much more efficient. It takes way less time and is much less prone to error than manually writing code.

Visual Schema Generator

04Transparent and easy to use

It's so simple you don't have to know GraphQL or even programming to do it. Non-coders can finally understand app logic and have a real input in the project.

Transparent and easy to use
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Feature video tutorial

Learn how to create a simple pizza project in GraphQL Editor and explore the basic features of the creator view.

Simple project & basic mutation and query | GraphQL Editor Tutorial

The power of block programming

No-code is the future as there's more and more of an emphasis on engaging people other than programmers in the development process. With GraphQL Editor’s simple click out tools even non-coders can easily have their input in the project. No preexisting knowledge of GraphQL, or even programming, is required. A schema designer can outline the basics of an app and then developers can flesh it out with their expertise. Finally business people and non-coders can also define app logic, with block programming and a bit of learning anyone can do it!

Visual Schema Creator

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