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GraphQL Editor offers a wide variety of built-in integrations with clouds, databases, popular libraries and APIs. Don’t see what you need here? No worries you can easily add custom integrations via our CLI.

GitHub sync

Synchronize GraphQL Editor content with your GitHub repository by authorizing our app to make push requests on your behalf. Share your work with the community.

Public libraries

Use our built-in GraphQL API integrations to add popular public libraries like AWS scalars or Apollo and use their features in your GraphQL Editor project.


Serverless MongoDB is included by default in all microservices and you can also connect your project to various other popular databases like Neo4J or Fauna.

Cloud platforms

Work in our GraphiQL Cloud with your team live. You can also connect your project with various cloud platforms like Dgraph, AWS Amplify, Docker or Kubernetes.

REST Proxy

Still using a REST API? No worries you can easily connect it to your GraphQL project with our simple click-out REST proxy.

JS Playground

Play around and visualize your project using the JavaScript framework (like React) and CSS framework (like Tailwind) of your choosing.

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Cloud GraphQL Platform

A richer GraphiQL.

Online GraphQL Playground

GraphiQL Cloud is a unique feature which lets your entire team collaborate on all the files and store them directly in the cloud. They may be later used for tests, E2E tests, frontend, code-generators etc. Think of it as a place for brainstorming sessions for your team which can then result in valuable & direct input into the development process. Our online GraphQL playground lets everyone have equal input on the key segments of the project.

GraphQL Playground
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Feature video tutorial

See how to use our GraphiQL Cloud feature to collaborate on your schema.

Using GraphiQL Cloud  | GraphQL Editor Tutorial
GraphQL API integrations and libraries

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