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A little bit of introduction

Popular sales platforms operating on the basis of the SaaS (Software as Service) model, make every customer from the first day of cooperation have permanent access to free updates and technical support. Everything is supervised by a number of qualified specialists who will respond to inquiries or doubts, and if necessary implement new, even custom or complex solutions.


But wait... is this it? Isnt that just standard? Maybe let’s talk about reality.

Freedom and unlimited customization

And what about add-ons? Each of these platforms often has its own official trading platform, such IT Marketplace, where you can purchase modules, templates or services related to running an online store.

Optimization and safety

Going forward, some of the biggest drawbacks include the store's often problematic optimization for mobile devices, its scalability (thanks to open source code, among other things), integration with ERP or CMS/CRM systems. On the plus side, there is a high level of security (e.g. through dedicated site IP), which does not change the fact that today this is the standard adopted by all IT service providers.

Complete understanding of workflow

What is most often not talked about is that, if you are successful in the market in terms of sales of various products or services and you manage - literally - a technology combo, very often you have to use dedicated employees from the IT department. Who take the fight to the specialists who are delegated by the support of the chosen SaaS and then you pay twice for each service. If you don't have the technical expertise, often even more.

You need our help if you answer YES to one of the following questions:

I can never easily get the information I need to effectively do my job in self-store management.
My SaaS provider costs me a fortune.
All the clicks are killing my productivity, I feel I'm spending my time on things I shouldn't be.
I never get a complete picture of how my business is functioning. The statistics presented don't satisfy me, because they only refer on the information collected by the SaaS, but that's not the whole company. 
My SaaS does not have the functionalities that my competitors have. I'm not up to date, I wait months for the functionalities I'm interested in (they're not bug-free either), and I have to pay lavishly for anything dedicated.
Upgrades and further additional costs are growing month after month and do not build motivation in me, but only give me a headache.
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