Create schema using block programming

No-code software is changing the industry and we are ready for it. GraphQL Editor is all about using block programming to bridge the gap between developers and non-coders. Finally business people can also easily understand app logic!

True power of Visual Editor

Our Visual Editor lets people with no development experience create, design and customize schemas, relations, documentation and tests without having to write a single line of code. We tried our best to offer you an intuitive and maximally user-friendly UI to easily collaborate with non-technical team members.

Visual GraphQL Schema Editor

We have incorporated tools that allows project managers, schema designers, CEO’s, product owners and other non-technical support to work easily and cooperate with front-end and back-end developers.

Clear and simple relation view

Developers and no-coders can create a schema using block programming and GraphQL components with the help of the GraphQL Editor documentation and academy. Our magical blocks complete the visual editing magic, so it can move on to the schema design of a given application without the need for additional environments and be transparent and easily understandable for everyone.

Realtions View for No-coders

Integration add-on’s

Expand your GraphQL project workspace with extra features, microservices or 3rd party integrations. Bring your GraphQL project experience to a whole new level. Save a lot of developer hours and get the full control of creating your own personalizations.


No code documentation

Yes, you always need to document your code. We believe you shouldn't need to learn a new set of skills to do this and waste too much time on it. With GraphQL Editor you get automatic documentation in one place and you just fill in the blanks and style it as you like. Good documentation can make a huge difference for your project and GraphQL Editor makes it really easy to achieve. Work with your team on the docs online, with just a few clicks you canwrite, edit, style and publish the changes.

Autogenerated docs
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