Test your GraphQL endpoint online

Built-in E2E Test Builder & Runner

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No-code tests

E2E and GraphQL tests with just a few clicks

01No-code test builder

Create and run tests without needing to code anything. Test your GraphQL endpoint online with just a few clicks!

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02Health and E2E result tests

Use simple tests to check your GraphQL endpoint health and response time or create results tests and check your endpoint responses.

E2E tests

03Save & copy snapshots

Click save snapshot to have it copied if you don’t remember what the exact expected response should be for that particular endpoint.

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04Bulk run tests and results

Run a large number of tests and see their results live. Repeat this periodically to make sure everything is working in your environment.

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Feature video tutorial

Learn how to easily create real end to end tests inside GraphQL Editor.

How to create real E2E tests  | GraphQL Editor Tutorial
E2E Tests Builder & Runner

Read about this feature in our Docs

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04Test your GraphQL API

Test your API, check your queries and mutations in bulk. Find out if your system works as intended using simple tests without the need to write a single line of code. You don’t even need a backend in place to test your GraphQL API, just use our self-deployed cloud backend and fit the mocked responses to your needs.


05Test your GraphQL integration

Test your GraphQL integrations and microservices using our live logs. Monitor all your microservices in one place live and look out for any errors. For custom microservices you can always roll back to our reliable and well-tested basic templates to make sure everything works as it should.

GraphQL integration

06Test your GraphQL endpoint

Test your GraphQL endpoint online, simply select it from the Endpoint Switcher and you can run any query and mutation and see if you get the expected response. If you forgot the expected response, no worries you can just run a simple snapshot test and use our copy feature to have it copied and ready for further testing.

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