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GraphQL prototyping features

GraphQL Editor has a variety of features focused on collaboration and making things easier for both frontend and backend. Build an MVP product with lighting speed, unlock the power of GraphQL prototyping!

01GraphQL Editor: The visual no-code tool of the future

GraphQL Editor is a supportive tool for both advanced GraphQL users as well as those taking their first steps with GraphQL APIs. Our all-in-one development environment for GraphQL will help you build, manage & deploy your GraphQL API much faster thanks to dozens of built-in features. Its graphical interface will also simplify communication within your product team. Visualization is the key!

GraphQL Editor is a tool that lets you understand GraphQL schemas even if you are not a programmer. You can create your schema just by joining visual blocks and GraphQL Editor will transform them into code, which is helpful when you are prototyping your new application. That is why GraphQL Editor is especially useful if you are a project manager or a business manager. Build your own schema with GraphQL Editor without having any knowledge of programming!

GraphQL Queries

02Always ready for work

Users can create a new environment for their GraphQL development operations. They can even prototype their schema with the help of visual blocks. Users can import schemas, generate fake backends and frontend & backend teams can start working immediately without waiting for anyone to set up.

GraphQL Mutations

03Easy prototyping

Generated code allows developers - both backend and frontend - to easily understand what elements an application should consist of, how to start building its structure and what functions the application should perform.

The prepared schema together with the self deployed mock backend enables independent work of backend and frontend teams. That’s a real boost in the process of creating a new app and it is possible to achieve by just conducting an interview with a client, getting to know their expectations and simply putting that into a visual schema.

Grapql Schema

The main feature of our IDE is facilitating building and managing a GraphQL schema.

GraphQL Editor gives you realtime access to a powerful console that allows you to:

Create schema visually
  • use simple click-out tools to build your schema
  • no GraphQL or programming knowledge required
  • create a schema using visual blocks instead of writing thousands of lines of code
  • easily navigate even the largest schema
  • just click a type and the view will pan to it in the code
Easily navigate the schema
  • view relationships between every type, enum and scalar in your schema
  • search or filter node relations
  • toggle parents or scalars
  • export to .png and share with anyone
Autogenerate docs
  • generate simple documentation for your schema
  • easily navigate it and fill in the descriptions
  • use markdown to style your documentation however you like
Instantly use mock backend
  • self-hosted cloud backend, instantly ready for all your projects
  • configure and run queries & mutations
  • set up custom response arrays to match your project use case
  • ️user built-in FakerJS library values to mock any response type
  • select and use your own backend via the Endpoint switcher
Monitor and verify changes
  • version your schema
  • use diff view to compare and surgically edit versions of the schema
  • use alphabetic sort to avoid linting conflicts
Easily test your app
  • no-code test builder
  • E2E Test Builder & Runner
  • simple health test to check endpoints and response time
  • bulk testing with transparent results
  • use built-in microservice templates
  • or write your own using our Monaco-based editor
  • safely store secrets and configure allowed origins
  • ️use one simple command to run a local GraphQL server for your microservice
  • serverless MongoDB included by default for all microservices
Integrate with anything you need
  • synchronize your project with GitHub
  • use built-in integrations for popular public libraries
  • work in GraphiQL Cloud with your team
  • ️use one simple command to run a local GraphQL server for your microservice
  • ️proxy your REST backend to GraphQL
  • test and visualize your project using built-in React and CSS support in our JS Playground

The most important feature of GraphQL for business users is that it’s language agnostic. It’s not created to work with a specific technology. It’s a query language with its own rules for most popular programming languages. By learning a little bit of schema definition language, you’re able to communicate with all kinds of developers and unlock the power of prototyping for whatever you need.