Why use GraphQL Editor?

Check out these 8 simple reasons why GraphQl Editor is the perfect solution for both developers and business.

GraphQL Editor for Developers

Visual schema creator and viewer
Self-deployed cloud GraphQL backend
Powerful microservice infrastructure
E2E Test builder and runner

01Visual schema creator and viewer

Design your schema with the use of block programming, the perfect tool for non-coders. Easily navigate everything in it using an ERD like view.

Visual schema generator with ERD view

02Self-deployed cloud GraphQL backend

Each project can use a dedicated and instantly ready-for-use GraphQL backend. Don't wait for your backend team and start working right away, tailor mocked responses to the needs of your project.

Instant cloud GraphQL backend

03Powerful microservice infrastructure

Use built-in microservice integration templates or write your own custom microservice using our Monaco-based editor. Take advantage of simple no-code resolvers to test how everything works.

GraphQL microservices architecture

04E2E Test builder and runner

Test GraphQL endpoints online, use simple tests to check health and response time. Build E2E response tests to check any query and mutation against your endpoints in bulk.

Test GraphQL endpoints online

GraphQL Editor for Business

Time saver
No-code tools
GitHub integration
Mocked data & visuals

01Time saver

With GraphQL Editor, you don’t just get software. You get a whole environment in which both backend and frontend developers can start working online right away without waiting for each other.

Why GraphQL Editor? Time saved

02No-code tools

Non-coders and business people can finally understand app logic. With our simple to use no-code tools everyone can easily understand and have their input in the project.

Why GraphQL Editor? Simplicity

03GitHub integration

Connect your project with your GitHub repository and authorize it to make push requests for you directly from GraphQL Editor. Share and show your work to the whole community.

Why GraphQL Editor? Community

04Mocked data & visuals

Show how your app will work with mock data responses by using our self self-deployed GraphQL backend. Visualize it with our JS Playground with built in JS and CSS framework support.

Why GraphQL Editor? Visualization