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Discover the amazing possibilities of GraphQL with our core team.

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Workshops Programme

We offer a 5-day online GraphQL training during which our core team member will introduce you the fundamentals of GraphQL & the benefits of using GraphQL Editor. If you have any questions please use contact form at the bottom of the page to obtain more details.

Day 1
Query Language with GraphQL
Exam (5 Questions)
Find Public Schemas (Homework)
Day 2
Designing Schema (Graph or Code)
Exams (5 Questions)
Design your Schema (Homework)
Day 3
Input Types
Designing Schema (Graph or Code)
Exams (5 Questions)
Design your Schema - Add Queries and Mutations (Homework)
Day 4
Deploying Mock Backend
Interacting with Mock Backend
Exam (5 Questions)
Create App Boilerplate-React/Reactx
Day 5
Conecting App with Mock Backend
Presentation of Results
Exam (25 Questions)

GraphQL Workshops, the best way to start

Our workshops are a great opportunity to begin the adventure with GraphQL, as well to broaden knowledge about its advanced features. Our core team members will provide you the knowledge about GraphQL schema, its elements, operations, as well as help you understand the full benefits that using GraphQL can bring to your organization.

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