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My saas story nov18 growth team foundation

Robert Matyszewski


My saas story nov18 growth team foundation

This is a part of a series documenting our startup story. Check more on “My-saas-story.”

Last month it was the first month we entirely used OKR method to focus our growth. I am pleased regarding our results and how we communicate between team members. We had finalized our roadmap and posted in on a website. Also, we added consulting tab (hopefully we’ll start earning some money - fingers crossed). At the end of the month, I’ve found about growth teams and theories from Sean Ellis. I’ve introduced the team to work in agile experimenting mode, and they seem to like it!

The upcoming month we’ll focus on testing new ideas for growth like viral sharing, launching first paid features (backend faker front end queries) and many other small updates ;]


We've developed frontend queries to enable fronted users autocomplete query in typescript and receive typesafe response. On backend side we deployed project API and faker Service which soon will be available to all of you. Stay Tuned!

Blog posts of the month (views)

/GraphQL-newbie-tutorial-Schema-Definition-SDL/ 1,282 /levensthein-algorithm-for-better-faker-experience/ 404 /Marketing-automation-From-800k-to-130m-impressions-in-3-months/ 307 /power-of-typeof-and-typestyle-in-react-apps/ 253 /graphsourcing-new-way-to-build-systems/ 228

OKR’s update

OKR’s seems to be a good foundation for the small team to maintain focus. This month we added a minor tweak to precise few positions and to measure many experiments.

github faker stars1924
github diagram stars54219
github graphql-editor stars25502675
blog views (users)15004153
website views (users)10002131
blog articles816
mailchimp subscriptions16147
demo runs (users)0781
outreach to developers7002700
slack users1014
quality calls/conversations1015

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