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First you got to have a vision, see what’s happened recently

In Progress πŸ”₯

Working on it

  • Offline desktop version of the app
    • Offline version with lifetime per user license and local GraphiQL, mock server, AI models.
  • Generate AI Docs from GraphQL Types
    • With one click of the button generate beautiful documentation for each GraphQL Node. Never writing docs again

Future plans 🌎

New features that are coming soon

  • Redesign of API Console

    • Current API Console is made in "Just works" mode. We will transform it to a really fast and User Friendly tool
  • AI Mock Backend

    • Current Mock backend is based on Levensthein algorithm and fakerjs library. New mock backend will be AI based and will allow to pregenerate mocks

Completed βœ…

Completed features that you can already enjoy

  • AI Schema Generation
    • Generate initial schema using GPT prompt for example schema for room reservations
  • AI Query Writer
    • Generate gql queries using GPT prompt for example give me list of users
  • Big Schema mode
    • You can explore really big schemas thanks to shrinking them in relation mode and ELK Graphing algorithm for speed
  • Version history
    • You can use version history on every file in cloud in GraphQL Editor

Experiments πŸ§ͺ

Things that are not certain, but we try hard

  • Codemirror instead of Monaco
    • Try to replace monaco-editor with codemirror and see how it goes
  • Microservices ecosystem
    • In-app marketplace for microservices created using GraphQL Editor CLI

For more detailed changes please visit our changelog