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Ready-to-use PWA solutions with GraphQL support

Aleksandra Kwiecień


Ready-to-use PWA solutions with GraphQL support

Progressive Web Apps are the ultimate way to create ultra-fast webpages and apps with a mobile-first approach. Engaging for mobile users, PWAs are also an attractive technology for developers as they leverage modern JS frameworks and tech stack, including GraphQL.

The story of progressive web apps starts with the PWA manifest announced by Google. In a single document, Google listed all the technical requirements and other things that make Progressive Web Apps reliable, fast and engaging.

Following this list helps developers to build high-quality PWAs step by step, which might be time-consuming and require some knowledge on the edge of web and app development that is not always available in teams.

Ready-to-use solutions for Progressive Web Apps

The other way is to leverage ready-to-use PWA solutions, which are popping out on the market at breakneck speed. Doing so guarantees a faster time-to-market, a bunch of additional modules and support of development.

There at least several solutions that ensure high-quality progressive web apps, such as Deity Falcon, Scandiweb or Vue Storefront, just to name a few. Apart from these independent solutions, leading CMS and eCommerce platform providers are also working on their own integrated PWA solutions (Magento, SAP Hybris).

Which of them supports GraphQL? Here’s the list!

PWA solutions supporting GraphQL

Deity Falcon

A PWA solution developed in the offices of The Netherlands-based startup - Deity. It is suitable for all sorts of online sites – webshops, blogs, and bigger platforms.

Frontend base: React
Integrated backends: Magento 2, Wordpress
Technologies inside: Node.js, GraphQL, React, Apollo, Koa, Webpack, Jest
Projects live: 2
Github stars: 313
Github repo: https://github.com/deity-io/

PWA Studio

This one is more like a set of tools, rather than a ready-to-use solution. Developed by Magento, one of the leading eCommerce platform solutions, it gives a good base to build PWA solutions adjusted to individual business needs. It is still in its alpha phase, with strong support from the Magento community.

Frontend base: React
Integrated backends: Magento
Technologies inside: Webpack, React, Redux, GraphQL
Projects live: 2
Github stars: 420
Github repo: https://github.com/magento/pwa-studio

Scandiweb PWA

A PWA solution developed by the Scandiweb agency since 2018. The solution provides a progressive web app for Magento-based stores.

Frontend base: React
Integrated backends: Magento 2
Technologies inside: Redux, Webpack, React, GraphQL, SCSS
Projects live: 1
Github stars: 35
Github repo: https://github.com/scandipwa

VueStorefront example

Source: Example of building a Query in Vue Storefront

Vue Storefront

Probably the fastest-growing open-source PWA solution with strong community support. A PWA solution dedicated to multiple eCommerce platforms with a long list of payment, basket, checkout and other modules crucial to building performant online stores.

Frontend base: Vue.js
Integrated backends: Magento 1, Magento 2, Shopware, Pimcore, CoreShop, WordPress,EpiServer, SpreeCommerce, Odoo ERP, BigCommerce, boilerplate
Technologies inside: Vue.js, Node.js, ElasticSearch, Webpack, GraphQL
Projects live: 15+
Github stars: 4903
Github repo: https://github.com/vuestorefront/vue-storefront

If you are looking for a more detailed tech comparison, with middleware, server-side rendering, and test tools, there is an excellent summary of available PWA solutions.

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