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Version 7.0 - ELK for Graph

ELK and much more

  • Implemented schema directives for enhanced functionality
  • Introduced schema extensions to provide additional customization options
  • Updated tutorial content to ensure comprehensive understanding of GraphQL
  • Enhanced performance for handling large schemas using ELK graph
  • Optimized schema visualization by reducing node size for schemas with more than 15 fields
  • Incorporated tooltips within the graph for improved user experience
  • Improved error messages when importing URLs
  • Automated deployment of faker when the schema is deemed valid

By implementing these updates, the GraphQL Editor Page now offers a more seamless user experience, improved performance, and enhanced customization options. Users can take advantage of the powerful features, such as schema directives and extensions, to tailor their GraphQL schemas according to their specific requirements. The addition of tooltips and better error messages further aids in streamlining the development process. With the automated deployment of faker, users can easily validate and test their schemas. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer, the GraphQL Editor Page provides a comprehensive and efficient platform for working with GraphQL