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The GraphQL Editor API Console is a powerful tool that allows developers to quickly and easily build, manage, and deploy powerful GraphQL APIs. With the GraphQL Editor API Console, developers can quickly create, modify, and deploy GraphQL schemas, queries, and mutations into different GraphQL APIs.

In this guide, you'll find everything you need to get started with the GraphQL Editor API Console. We'll cover the basics of the GraphQL Editor API Console, including how to create a GraphQL schema, write queries and mutations, and connect to a production-ready API.

API & mocked responses

API Platform

The API platform is a tree-based GraphQL query builder. It lets you build queries with just a few simple clicks and input data in easy-to-navigate user friendly forms. You can collaborate on all of that LIVE with your team, or if you prefer the old way of working just use our GraphiQL Cloud.

Instant Mock Backend

Deploy a backend in seconds, with just a couple of clicks. With the self-deployed cloud backend, you can query your GraphQL Schema and get type-safe responses right away, immediately after starting your project. If that is not enough you can also configure the method and values for response mocking, to make them more realistic.

E2E Tests Builder

Writing tests is a long and boring process, that's why our builder gives you access to quick & easy click-out E2E tests for your GraphQL backend.

REST to GraphQL

Still using a REST API? Good because you can use our click-out proxy as a fast and easy way to connect it to your GraphQL project.

Remember. Your schema has to have a root query for GraphQL backends to work