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Zeus | GraphQL TypeScript generator

Strongly Typed GraphQL from the team at GraphQL Editor

GraphQL Zeus is the absolute best way to interact with your GraphQL endpoints in a type-safe way. Zeus uses your schema to generate Typescript types and strongly typed clients to unlock the power, efficiency, productivity and safety of Typescript on your GraphQL requests.


⚡️ Types mapped from your schema
⚡️ Works with Apollo Client, React Query, Stucco Subscriptions (*more coming soon...)
⚡️ Works with Subscriptions
⚡️ Allows inferring complex response types
⚡️ Creates reusable selection sets (like fragments) for use across multiple queries
⚡️ Supports GraphQL Unions, Interfaces, Aliases and Variables
⚡️ Handles massive schemas
⚡️ Supports Browsers, Node.js and React Native in Javascript and Typescript
⚡️ Has a schema downloader
⚡️ Supports JSON schema generation\

Generate Types With Zeus CLI Example

Simply run Zeus in your terminal to output your types file based on your GraphQL schema

$ zeus schema.graphql ./
#✨ Done in 0.23s.

Usage Example

Example using a generated chain client. Queries, mutations and subscriptions are now type-safe in arguments, field selections and response types.

const { cardById } = await chain('query')({
  cardById: [
      cardId: 128,
      id: true,
      title: true,
      description: true,