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Microservices FaaS | GraphQL variables and queries

Microservices FaaS is a nodeJS service to run microservices inside GraphQL Editor Cloud. All microservices come with MongoDB Serverless included. This way the user also receives a database together with a microservice.

Getting Started

Shared worker deployments should be used in dev environments or MVP projects. They are limited to 200 requests per minute. However, you can deploy microservices in your own infrastructure:
- All Docker/Kubernetes-based clusters
- Azure Functions

Dev environment

The GraphQL Editor CLI provides a local environment for your microservices if they live in the microservice cloud, are local, or live in the repository. You can spin up the backend server with one simple command.

MVP & PoC projects

GraphQL Editor Microservices combined with our No-code Resolvers may be the best available option for building GraphQL backend in the shortest amount of time.