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Schema libraries

Schema libraries allow you to import one schema to another. You cannot see the imported nodes directly in the code editor but you can see them in the Graph view, from where you can inject them into your schema. Imported Graph library nodes are marked with a dashed line inside a Relation view.

The main benefit of using schema libraries is that it allows you to reuse code, making it easier to maintain multiple schemas and keep them up to date. This is especially useful when building large, complex applications.

Merge strategy

This strategy is extremely useful when working with native libraries like AWS Amplify, DGraph, Neo4, Fauna, Apollo, etc. The merge strategy helps you to keep the existing data in the schema while merging new data from the library into the existing schema.

It helps you to avoid the hassle of recreating the entire schema when making changes in the original library. You can also avoid code duplication by using this strategy.

Prefix strategy

This strategy should be used on most schemas where you have many name conflicts. It prefixes all nodes with the schema name to avoid those conflicts. It pollutes those names with an extra prefix but allows one to move on without conflicts


You can use versions when working with schema libraries. This allows you to keep track of different versions of your schema, and you can easily switch between them. It also helps you to ensure backward compatibility when making changes in your schema.