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Instant Mock backend

GraphQL Mock API is an automatic function of GraphQL Editor. It deploys you a powerful GraphQL Backend that returns fake data that is correct in terms of types. This way you can receive GraphQL safe backend without developing a line of code. This way frontend developers can work with your backend before it is implemented. It is easy to share your mocks with others to get feedback. It is a great tool for prototyping and testing and jumpstarting your full-stack project. It also helps frontends to work with restricted projects on fake data.

Using Mock API

Mock API is instantly available on schemas that are valid in terms of GraphQL and have schema queries. It turns on just after the schema is valid and then it is redeployed on every autosave of the schema. To use mock API just select an endpoint starting with https://faker.graphqleditor.com inside the API tab.

Configuring Mock API

To configure your mock API go to the Mock Backend tab and edit the values. You can add values yourself, leave the resolver generated automatically or generate values using our AI mock engine.

No resolver

Values will be chosen from faker.js library using Levensthein's algorithm which seeks for closest word in english.


You can specify sets of values that the engine will choose from and randomize the data. This way you can get more control over the data.

Generate Values

You can generate values from the AI for example:

French first name

Gives you result


and then when you receive response from the Fake backend on your URL it will randomly choose one of these values