Stucco JS


Stucco-js is JavaScript/TypeScript runtime for Stucco. It can be used as a local development environment or as a base library for implementing FaaS runtime.

Configuration file

Stucco-js relies on Stucco library written in GoLang. Configuration file format is in JSON.


                "name": "PATH_TO_RESOLVER"

Using TypeScript

So if you have your TypeScript files in src folder you should transpile them to the lib folder and stucco can run it from there.

Local development

To start local development you need stucco.json, schema.graphql, file with resolvers in the root folder and inside the root folder. To fetch your schema from the URL you can use a tool like graphql-zeus

Add this script to your package json to test your backend

        "start": "stucco"

Or run with npx

$ npx stucco